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Through a truly tailored approach to recruiting solutions, Kavaliro successfully placed candidates that would thrive in the Creative Vet environment.
Completion: 2 months

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Kavaliro takes the pain out of recruiting. They not only found the right skillsets we needed, but they also found the right fit for our team.

Executive Designer, Creative Vet

As a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOB), Creative Veteran Productions delivers modern virtual training solutions through the management of media production, custom graphics, web design and development needs. From PhD level instructional design to timely implementation and execution, Creative Vet develops engaging 2D/3D/4D online immersive training environments for users and clients alike.

After experiencing a growth spurt stemming from a large 3D development contract, Creative Vet came to Kavaliro with the intention of doubling its game development team. With such a wide range of experience, skill-set and education necessary to grow the expanded team.

Kavaliro immediately began to identify, recruit and onboard employees who could fit each open role at Creative Vet. Kavaliro began by analyzing the requirements and scope of staff necessary to produce results for Creative Vet in a timely manner, while staying within budget restraints.

By partnering with Creative Vet’s internal staff, Kavaliro was able to work hand-in-hand with the company making sure quality applications were sent to the top and ensuring each candidate was a fit for Creative Vet’s company culture. Kavaliro provided reliable staffing services necessary to effectively manage the fluctuating day-to-day staffing needs while adequately staffing Creative Vet’s developmental team.

Kavaliro Full-Cycle Recruitment Processes

Thanks to Kavaliro’s efficient pre-screening methods, Creative Vet was able to hire employees within the first or second interview, saving precious time and money for the client. Using a topnotch recruiting approach, Kavaliro provided support and maintenance to Creative Vet’s expanding workforce and continues to supply the team with staffing services that consistently exceed expectations.