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“Attitude is everything when it comes to the Job Search”: Ramblings of a Recruiting Renegade

By: Bill Peppler

I speak to people every day who are either looking for work, who are out of work, or who are looking to hire candidates/consultants. One thing that remains true regardless of skill set, pay grade, or position, is that those candidates that possess a positive attitude and an open mind have a much higher percentage of being successfully placed at an organization.

What You Can Control

I always tell my team that some things in life you cannot change or choose. But two things that you have absolute control over are: the energy you project, and your attitude in how you approach every aspect of life. Hiring managers can see both of these attributes immediately through the interview process. They also can tell within the first 30 seconds of an interview how authentic you are as a person. Project who you are with a positive approach and positive outcomes will come your way. This sounds very simple, but it really works. As the saying goes, “The Power of Positive Thinking”. I’ve seen this happen every single day throughout my career in the staffing/recruiting industry.

Fill Your Tool Belt

Agility is another tool you want to posses in your tool belt. Everything is not black and white anymore, so think outside of the box in regards to your job search. Do not try to be everything to everyone, but show that you can adapt to different environments. Show this through examples with your previous companies and work assignments and if you are a recent graduate or completely new to the work-force, point to examples or projects throughout your education.

Six Degrees of Networking

Finally, networking is the absolute difference-maker in how you can find your next position. Social Media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the great equalizers that are pulling up the curtain on who the actual decision makers may be. Empower yourself by using these powerful tools. Start with your internal network and branch out from this point. You would be surprised on how many companies you can actually be connected to by just mapping out where you friends, family, church members, and classmates work. My advice is – start there. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Connect the dots on who the hiring manager may be and put your efforts behind making a single connection with this individual. It’s like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon without the whole movie thing 🙂

The Two That Make a Difference

When this is done and you have your moment to shine, always remember it comes down to “Energy” and “Attitude” and everything will work out fine.