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Workforce Solutions

Kavaliro has the experience and knowledge to ensure only professional and qualified candidates make it through to the interview phase.

Finding the perfect talent to match your unique workforce needs is imperative to the success of your business. Since 2010, Kavaliro has been unmatched in our ability to recruit empowered and experienced professionals that propel organizations forward. We offer simple, flexible, and customized workforce solutions strategically designed for you.

Top-notch, fully screened, and ideally qualified candidates in every industry 
and at every level.

Multiple options to fit your company needs

  • Contract Placements: Often companies have projects with designated timeframes or roles where contract placements can be beneficial. Utilizing Kavaliro contractors for these roles provides several benefits.
    • Reduced long term labor cost.
    • Niche experience: Many contractors have experience in technologies and skills
      where they often work on a project basis to drive businesses forward.
    • Flexibility: Contractors allow you to rapidly respond to market and client demands.
  • Contract to Hire: Frequently companies need a fast solution while they determine if a position requirement needs a long term solution, or there is a position that has had significant turnover in the past. Contract to hire placements allow for businesses to rapidly fill open positions and evaluate performance before onboarding them as a full time salaried employee at their company.
  • Direct Hire: Often companies have hard to fill roles that stay open for extended periods of time. The expense of having roles sit open can dramatically impact an organization’s performance. Kavaliro has a team of over 60 highly skilled recruiters who work directly with your business owner to find the perfect candidate for your hard to fill positions.

Whether they need to hire a seasonal team or a C-suite executive, Kavaliro partners with businesses across multiple industries to ensure their ongoing success.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Let Kavaliro handle your organization’s talent, brand development, reporting, and business needs with custom Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions. With over 20 years of RPO experience, our industry experts have the background to customize any process to make sure that all solutions fully support our clients.

Sourcing to Each Client’s Needs

From technical skills to personality, Kavaliro ensures that candidates are a perfect fit for both the job description and your organization’s culture. We work closely with clients to gather specific educational and experience requirements for their technical environment. Our recruiters use this information to screen applicants while building an active pipeline of professional talent.

Client-Specific Solution Design

Broaden your options for finding and managing talent, forecasting future needs, and balancing headcounts. Kavaliro works with clients to create a strategy covering all phases of the talent recruitment process. With contractors working in 40+ states and branch offices located nationwide, we have the agility to provide all-encompassing recruitment processes for onsite, offsite, and hybrid needs.

Screening Process

We apply a strict quality control process called “Zero Defect Facility” to all personnel placements. This process involves numerous screening filters that ensure you receive only the most qualified candidates.

Background Verification

Kavaliro verifies all certifications and accredited degrees prior to conducting
a technical interview with

References Checks

Kavaliro checks at least
three references from past supervisors for each candidate.


Kavaliro conducts video interviews with candidates along with appropriate conversations with internal SMEs.

Technical and Skills Testing

Kavaliro has access to thousands of technical assessment tests that ensure a candidate’s
resume accurately
represents their skills.


We recognize the importance of being an inclusive and equal-opportunity company. As a Women-Owned, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), we pride ourselves in fostering mutually beneficial relationships among various other equal-opportunity firms in the United States. This also allows our clients to increase their supplier diversity spend by partnering with Kavaliro.

Client Brand Development

Kavaliro is uniquely equipped to help you build an employer brand that attracts and engages dynamic talent. We help assess your reputation in the market, understand your target talent, and put your brand to work for you. From strategy, employee value proposition development, to brand education and execution, we help deliver a competitive advantage to your brand.


Kavaliro provides thorough reporting to keep you fully informed and provide qualitative metrics on our process:

Monthly Executive Summary Report

  • Detailed analysis of total number of Work Orders received, total Work Orders filled, and length of time to fill the Work Orders.
  • A comprehensive list of all active Contingent Workers broken down by department and cost center including assignment position, assignment start date, anticipated assignment termination date, as well as corresponding hourly rate.
  • A full summary of weekly invoices for all active assignments broken down by department and cost.

Monthly Operational Efficiency Report

  • An evaluation of the total number of Contingent Workers (if any) that were converted to employees. Included in this analysis shall be duration of the Contingent Worker’s Assignment prior to conversion to a client’s employee.
  • Analysis of the total number of unfilled Work Orders and a written description listing reasons why the Work Orders were not filled.
  • A run down of the total number of Assignments, broken down by the department and position. This analysis will identify if the Assignment is new, duration of the Assignment, and include all Assignments that were terminated, including those terminated within the first day.

Information Technology

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find a company that doesn’t rely on programmers, networking professionals, or other IT staff to keep their business running smoothly. These complex technology positions can often be difficult to fill. If you don’t know how to perform these services yourself, how can you judge if a job seeker is the right fit for your position? Even if you or someone on your staff is qualified to interview for these positions, how do you find the right talent and get them to apply for the job? Kavaliro’s recruiters understand these issues and have the resources to recruit the right candidates with the skill sets you need.

Kavaliro IT Industry Sectors

Software & Infrastructure Technology
Health Care
Retail & Hospitality
Engineering & Manufacturing
Banking & Finance

Kavaliro Speciality IT Skill Placements

  • Information Technology Management/Leaders
  • Computer Network/Systems Specialists
  • Information Technology Analysts
  • Information Security Specialists
  • Software/Application Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Database Engineering/Administration
  • Cloud Computing Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialists
  • Technical Support


An industry that involves continuous adaptability as the world continues to evolve, how do you keep up with the talent? Kavaliro’s recruiters are well versed in understanding engineering is a multi-culture and disciplined industry. With a vast book of past performance we know as much as this industry has interchangeable aptitudes the key to success is understanding a companies end goal. Our recruiters are well versed in asking the tough questions to find the most qualified talent.

Kavaliro Engineering Industry Sectors

  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Medical & Biomedical
  • Health & Safety
  • Construction
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Materials
  • Civil
  • Environmental
  • Aeronautical
  • Structural
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Landscape Architecture

Kavaliro Speciality Skill Placements

  • Computer Hardware
  • Manufacturing
  • IC Testing
  • Standards
  • Site Management
  • Surveying
  • Telemetry
  • Planning
  • Geochemistry
  • Research & Development
  • Logistics
  • Materials Science
  • Metallurgy
  • Data Management
  • Embedded Software
  • ASIC Design

Finance and Accounting

Agonizing over stacks of resumes is no way to find the right candidates for your finance and accounting needs. Whether you need a bookkeeper for a small office or a CFO for a large corporation, Kavaliro can help. We can find the right people with the right skill sets to make sure your money is well managed.

Financial Services & Public Accounting

Manufacturing & Distribution
Health Care & Pharmaceutics
Hospitality & Retail
Banking & Finance
Property Management & Real Estate
Architecture & Construction

Service 3rd Party Benefits & Payroll

Title & Escrow
Local, County, State Government
Waste Management

Kavaliro Speciality Skill Placements

  • Data Entry
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Billing
  • Credit & Collections
  • Payroll & Bookkeeping
  • General, Cost, Tax & Property Accounting
  • Financial & Supply Chain Analysis
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Treasury
  • Auditing
  • Internal Reporting
  • SEC & External Reporting
  • Public Accounting & Big 4
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • IFRS
  • Chief Financial Officer

Professional, Human Resources, and Legal

The importance of Human Resources, Legal and Administrative Staff cannot be understated. They’re the glue that holds operations together and keeps your company’s everyday functions running smoothly as well as protects it. These positions are key in every organization, and we want to provide our clients with quality professionals who will meet the challenges presented to them with skill and professionalism.

Kavaliro Professional, Human Resources, and Legal in all Industry Sectors

  • Energy
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Research & Development
  • Engineering
  • Professional Services
  • Biotechnology

Kavaliro Speciality Professional, Human Resources, and Legal Skill Placements

  • Convention Representatives
  • Customer Service Specialists
  • Data Entry/Word Processing Specialists
  • Executive Managers
  • General Office Managers
  • Filing/Mailroom Clerks
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Medical Records Clerks
  • Administrators

Kavaliro continues to reach out to me every month or so to make sure that things are going well or if I have any concerns. Sometimes it is just the small things that can make the difference. Acknowledgement of their employees is one of the best in my opinion. I am happy that they found me and placed me in a position that matched my experiences and skills. It’s great working for Kavaliro.

Technical Specialist

Based on past experiences working with Kavaliro has been a breath of fresh air. Everyone that I have dealt with have been very friendly and professional. I especially like the fact that even after you begin your assignment – they still keep in close contact.

Civil Design Engineer

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