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Customer Profile

13,000 active students,2556 classes, 600 employees, 2 campus sites self-sustaining community college going through business and IT transformation towards legacy retirement and continued student growth. 20 full time IT staff and approximately 5 contractors supporting in house aging data enter with custom applications.

Opportunity Statement

Customer was heavily engaged with procuring equipment, network and Wi-Fi issues, dealing with day to-day tactical tasks and projects. The CIO engaged us develop a vendor agnostic IT Maturity Model (IT MM) that will:

  • Speed IT response to business requirements
  • Technology usage towards process maturity and optimization
  • Improve Digitization of educational needs
  • Sustainable model for enterprise migration to newer technologies.

The Process

After reviewing the initial IT maturity model and scope questionnaire the CIO filled out and having 2 discussions (45 min each), Kavaliro engaged our top Technology advisory Group (TAG) consultants to perform the engagement in 2 phases.

Phase One: Assessment

Current State of people, processes and technologies and desired future state – Scope of Work: 80 Hrs

  • Prepare and conduct IT survey across stakeholders.
  • Collect data on current state and desired future state across all major IT platforms
  • Collect data on current application portfolio and fitness analysis
  • Perform analysis of current projects and initiatives
  • Interview CIO, IT staff and stakeholders

Phase Two

Readily executable proposals towards realigning the people, process and technologies towards desired future state – Scope of Work: 120 Hours

This included documentation and recommendations (based on information gathered). Using proven methodologies, SME’s and collaborative, vendor agnostic approach we delivered a IT Maturity Model by identifying business transformation opportunities that are aligned with future state of people, processes and educational needs. This will enable efficient and effective use of Hybrid Cloud technologies and student success platforms that will aid with maturity in use of the same.

  • GAP analysis that captured current state, desired future state (over 18 months) covering people, process, technology and budgets across the business critical IT services as well as backend services such as Network, Security, Compute, Storage etc.
  • Prioritization strategy for migration and legacy retirement.
  • SWOT analysis for staff readiness (including PMO/BA/QA) towards implementing ITIL maturity.
  • Capture the current & desired future state of IT platforms
  • Application fitness and portfolio analysis
  • Set of recommendations towards achieving the desired future state of IT


By incorporating the recommendations and strategies proposed by us the customer will not only execute on the quick wins that helped with efficiencies but also has setup continuous improvement and strategic investment goals towards completely migrating to a Hybrid cloud that will support the organic growth and demands of the college community education and student/faculty satisfaction. This was achieved with desired business capability alignment, while improving the morale of IT team members by using recommended communication and engagement strategies.