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Salesforce (Project Fuse) – Kavaliro Salesforce Division

Client Name: Salesforce (M&A Finance Ops Team)

Client Location: 415 Mission Street 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

Client Website: www.salesforce.com

What Do They Do? :

Close more deals… Faster! Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. As a trailblazer in cloud-based CRM applications, Salesforce provides a suite of solutions from sales, service, marketing, revenue, government cloud and more! Founded in 1999, Salesforce now serves over 150,000 companies to help them grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships.

What We Did Summary:

  • 10+ Currencies
  • Subscription Selling
  • DocuSign Gen
  • Advanced Approvals
  • Contract Amendments
  • Contract Renewals
  • Cancel & Replace
  • Contract Functionality
  • Automated Dynamic
  • Quote Term Assignment
  • Avalara for Salesforce Billing (AvaTax) Integration
  • Automated Invoice Generation via DocuSign Gen
  • Automated Invoice Delivery
  • Revenue Recognition Enablement
  • General Ledger Categorization
  • Collections and Dunning notifications
  • Payments, Credits, Debits, Refunds
  • Finance Logging
  • Data Migration


What Was the Challenge:

Salesforces’ Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Finance Ops team has been a critical component of the their growth; particularly with a revenue target of $35MM by 2024. To optimize their role in achieving this objective, the M&A team needed to consolidate their unintegrated activities into one scalable system. They turned to Salesforce Revenue Cloud to eliminate this and other challenges such as manual invoice delivery, lack of timely access to financial reports, inconsistent reporting to extract needed data points, maintaining multiple tools and struggling with data integrity.

What Was our Solution:

Kavaliro implemented Salesforce Revenue Cloud and provided an end-to-end process that harmonized their technology with the various out of box processes and rules that Salesforce provides.

Kavaliro implemented Salesforce Revenue Cloud and leveraged its’ core functionality starting with quotes and approvals to empower automated Contract generation. Specifically, the Amendment Process was used to modify migrated Contracts when the condition calls for it; Renewal Opportunities and Quotes are created from preexisting Contracts. Through this process, Contracts are amended and created along with Orders which in turn feed into the Billing process… kicking off a seamless billing cycle.

Capitalizing on a single platform environment, the M&A Finance Ops team immediately eliminated data integrity concerns while gaining instant access to financial reports. They were also able to leverage standard Salesforce Billing functionality paired with tools for tax calculations (AvaTax) and invoice delivery (DocuSign Gen).

Invoices are now generated, posted, and delivered to end customers as a part of an automated process. Revenue Recognition data is created accurately and available for immediate reporting. Tracking invoice balances are available using Payment, Credit, and Debit functionality. Finally, performing a data migration of existing customers into Revenue Cloud allowed the team to continue billing existing customers with Revenue Cloud and process Amendments/Renewals with no downtime.

Revenue Cloud Implementation provided Salesforce’s M&A Finance Ops team with a scalable CPQ & Billing solution for current and future business needs. The need to leverage multiple instances or manually manipulate data is now a thing of the past. The team has the capabilities to meet business needs faster and have a more consistent quoting process. It also allowed for improved quote quality, contract accuracy, expedited invoice creation and a faster quote to cash cycle timeline.

Client Quote:

“With Kavaliro’s efforts of working 1300+ hours, spanning across 10 weeks with at least 3 additional weeks of prep, and fulfilling our 163 total requirements for CPQ and Billing, it’s incredible to see our efforts manifest into a final functioning platform. Despite the incredibly accelerated timelines, we have been so impressed with the collaborative effort that has kept us on track for final project delivery.”

Salesforce Project Manager