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Women in Technology

On Tuesday, a statue called “Fearless Girl” was installed directly across from the famous Wall Street bull. Installed by State Street Global Advisors, the installation of the statue was a call for more women to serve on corporate boards. The statue’s plaque reads: “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.”

The call for women to make a difference everywhere. Recently we have seen women speak up and work to make their voices heard. The field of technology is not seeing as much growth and change from women as other industries. Cornell Tech’s Women in Technology New York website states that “While the number of women attending college is at an all-time high, the percentage of those women who graduate with degrees in technology-related disciplines is less than 1%, compared with 6% of men.”

This number is on the rise, with groups like Lady Devs, and Women in Information Technology (WiIT), forming all over the country there is hope for increases in women in the tech workforce. Kavaliro Jacksonville’s Rebecca White started a WiIT meet up with the goal of creating a professional networking group for sharing information and ideas with other women whose business/careers are in the fields of information technology.

Kavaliro is a woman-owned business and has a majority female workforce. We believe that a balance of male and female makes us a better company. By valuing all of our employees for their strengths, we find that we are more successful in our communities and for our clients.